Third Workshop on

Very Large Digital Libraries

September 10, 2010

In conjunction with the 14th European Conference on Research and Advanced Technologies on Digital Libraries (ECDL)


Topics of this workshop are of interest to, but not limited to, the following research avenues.

Foundational topics

Definitional models, for VLDL content, functionality, users, and policies (ref. DELOS reference model):
  • Architectural models for VLDL systems;
  • Data models for VLDL content;
  • Design methodologies for VLDLs.

System topics

Ideas, experiments and practical experiences in VLDLs design and implementation:
  • Constructing VLDLs as integration and federation of existing DLs;
  • User management in VLDLs;
  • Security issues in VLDLs;
  • Sustainability issues in VLDLs;
  • Scalability issues in VLDLs;
  • Distribution issues for VLDLs;
  • Interoperability issues for VLDLs: content and functionalities;
  • Managing content in VLDLs: storage, indexing, integration, aggregation, preservation, manipulation, and others.

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